1974 A Series Opel Manta Blog

The Opel Project blog has been setup to record the rebuild of my 1974 A Series Opel Manta.
1974 A Series Opel Manta Blog
Opel Manta CIH Exhaust
Exhaust, Steering

Steering & Exhaust finally finished

Well, it’s been a long and winding journey to get the Exhaust & Steering sorted on the Opel! Finally, after getting the steering all in and routed around the manifold as best, i could i realised that i would not be able to keep the manifold exactly as standard and would need to modify it. after a little bit of a mock-up myself, i then took it down to my local welder to get him to finish it off properly. I have to say its come out pretty good and there is hopefully enough clearance for it not to knock!…

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Opel Manta A Series

A Busy Bank Holiday

Its been a busy weekend on the car this bank holiday. Its was nice to have a sunny bank holiday as it gave me lots of time on the car. Now a have a date to aim for its full steam ahead. So: first job was to check all bolts and nuts to make sure they were torqued up ok, adjusted front wheel bearing, filled up the diff oil, gearbox oil, changed the wheel studs on the back (but only did one side as i could only find 7 studs, there must be one hiding in that safe place!!) connected…

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1973 Opel Manta A Series

The Countdown Begins!

I have taken the decision to take the Opel up to a proper tuning company in Northampton (Northampton Motorsport) to do the initial start-up and then all being ok the set up so the car is ready to be run in. Then all being ok i can then head back up for the full tune-up. That is planned in fro the start of October so i now have just over a month to do the last final setup on the cam, fill up with break-in oil, check that everything is all tightened up properly and get the brakes and clutch…

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Best Laid Plans and All That!

So if you have been following my build you will know that like Baldrick i came up with a cunning plan for the steering! well, after some testing i was not feeling the love for it. It has real potential as an option but i think needs to be made as a custom kit specifically for the rack and cross member as using prts from other cars and then adapting them got the concept right but i just felt that with the stress exerted on the rack when stationary and at low speeds that there would be movement. I think…

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CIH Engine

GM/Opel CIH Engine Timing Chain Guides & Potential Problems

Im writing this little post on some of this issues i have encountered when building my Opel Manta CIH engine due to the differences between the Original GM/OPEL timing chain guides and the aftermarket ones. It started off with me finding it very hard to fit the top chain sprocket onto the cam end and thinking was it the aftermarket chain? or the banana guide?, so sourced an original chain and the long guide. The banana one does not seem to be available as an original one only aftermarket ones, but i did find an original one for the chain…

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Opel Manta A Series Cylinder Head. Wrapped for storage
CIH Engine

Cylinder Head Rebuild

If you happen to pass by my blog every now and then you will see that i have not posted for a while, mainly because if have not been up to much on the Manta. After hassling the engine builder to get the cam bearings in and the head back to me, i got the head back and was ready to build up the head and then i got side tracked into trying to sort out my Seat Altea as just a week before the MOT was up the passengers door lock would not release the deadlock. So weeks of…

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The plan is to slowly build up the head and finish off the motor so its ready around the end of March/start of April, when the weather should be better and i can plan the time in to get it all fitted and started up properly. So that leaves me with a bit of time to get the interior totally sorted out. As the weather has been good this weekend and the sun is out (after the last few snowy days!) i thought it would be a good idea to removed the interior and give it a good clean. So…

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engine bay

Washer Bottle Conversion

One issue i have had that i have been putting off is what to do with the washer bottle. The area where the washer bottle originally fits has been taken up with the fuel lines, regulator and filter and i was finding it hard to locate a place where the washer bottle could go as its quite big. The ideal location would have been up on the bulkhead behind the accelerator cable outlet as there is a nice bit of unused space there. But the standard bottle is too tall. So a bit of research was needed. It turns out…

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Opel Manta A Series Halo Lights

I just thought i would share this little video of the Halo lights all up and running. I will add a pic later of them on with the grill all fitted as that finishes it off nicely. Halo Lights video, click here. And here are a couple of pics with the grill back in 🙂

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