Opel Manta A series parts links

Here is a list of companies that i have found that supply A series parts or are very helpful when trying to get parts made for your A series. (These are being added as i get time!)

www.edelschmiede.com (germany)

Thomas has a great Ascona and some very nice re-made parts for the A series on his ebay shop. He is always helpful and very quick with delivery. My favorite place to get all those hard to find bits 🙂

Splendid parts (germany)


Great for some hard to find A series parts like original bushes, re-made parts and poly bushing. Quick with deliver, high quality parts and  they take Pay Pal.

Opel GT Source (USA)


Some good A series parts on the and the Guys from Opel GT Source know there stuff and are super helpful, some have even owned A series Manta’s. I have had some good advise from them via email.

Vauxhall Car Parts (UK)


A good source for seals etc.. if you have the original part number you might be able to find the part on their site or give them a call as they are quite helpful. A lot of the Manta engine parts like seals gaskets etc.. where used on other Vauxhall models like the Carlton etc..

krause Racing Germany


A good site with lots of CIH parts. The only down side is that the postage is quite high and they only take payment by bank transfer (which costs £4 with first direct bank) but they do list some nice parts. I will update with some more info as just ordered some head bolts (02/12/13)

Just a quick update: The head bolts arrived today and were quite heavy so i suppose 10EUR is not too bad as they have to come from Germany! they arrived nice and quick and look the business. I feel a few more bits might be purchased before the end of The Opel Project!

Zymo Tech


Jan from zymo-tech was a great help when i needed to find a piston ring for the oversized pistons i got from ENEM as i cracked the edge of one getting them in. He seems to have some good contacts 🙂

ATZ – Germany


Some very hard to find parts on this site, not cheap but good delivery times and helpful

CS Parts Germany


If you are looking for CIH engine bearings, these guys do lots of them for the CIH engine at the best prices, good shipping price and quite quick on delivery

Opel GT Parts


I found this site while having a google about for parts. Its all for the GT but as you know a few parts cross over with the A series so there might be a few useful parts on here.



Not used this one yet! but a few bits i might have to get for mine!


Klassisk Opel

https://klassisk-opel.no/ascona-manta/ascona-a-manta-a/ (never used them but they have some good parts by the looks of it)


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