I have finally got back round to doing some more work on the car!! The summer has been a bit busy with work so not much time has been spent on the car 🙁

But now im back on getting the exhaust finished. The rear box just need the strap fitting and the centre box is just having the bracket fitted to hold it in place. So then its just the from pipe, which should be easy? but as i have noting to use as a template im starting from scratch, which is not easy. So how do i get the bends right?

Well i came up with a cunning plan as baldrick would have!! i have bought some 2 1/2 (i think that is internal as its bigger that the 2 1/2 stainless) plastic pipe and im cutting it and wedging the gaps to get the correct bend as i want the front pipe to be bent and not cut. So its a bit like a corrugated  pipe which i hope the guys at the place i had the over axel bit bent will be able to use to get the bends right!!

Here is the front piece, which goes up to just past the back gearbox mount where i will have a very short flexible section before heading off to the centre box. So here is a picture of the front section and i will be sorting out the rear part to the centre box tomorrow.Opel Manta A series custom front exhaust pipe template

Opel Manta A series custom front exhaust pipe template