Well, it’s been a year now since the Opel properly went back on the road. So how is it doing?

It still puts a smile on my face every time i take her out for a drive. Apart from the previous alternator issue she has been running well.

The bodywork? Well considering its never an easy job painting a car in a small garage i have to say the paint is still looking spot on! the bits that i knew i had spot on are still looking great and the places that i knew could be an issue like the roof and the bonnet and boot do have a few minor bits starting to show through but i knew that could always happen. I think in a couple of years it will be time to tackle those bits but for the moment im just going to enjoy driving her and hopefully have a few bigger adventures later in the year.

I have a Lambretta to restore before i do any more painting of the Opel and hopefully, i will learn a few more things that will make touching up some of the Opel panels even easier. If i could only hire a spray booth for a while that would make painting anything so much easier!