Another great event at Brans Hatch circuit at the weekend. So many nice old American cars to look at (and unfortunately loads more of the new versions that you can buy from your Ford dealer here in the Uk 🙁

Loads of great racing from the Euro Nascar series and some other great older American cars racing, such a good event.

I took the Opel up again and she drove great! A bit boring on the way up as i took the main roads but on the way back i took all the A roads which the Opel loves 🙂

On the way up i stopped for petrol and a guy asked me how old she was and commented on how nice it looked. He followed me out of the station onto the motorway in his new Audi A6 (sport thing) and i think he was a little bit surprised how quick the old Opel was leaving the slip road, as i think he thought he would just rock past me in his Audi!!