It’s been a while since i did anything on the Opel as I have been busy with my new project, the restoration of a 1997 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting Abarth ( And it turns out its very hard to find parts for it!

But I did get some time to do a little bit on the Opel as I have 3 or 4 things I want to do before spring and one of those is to turn the Rage backbox I have into a repackable one.

I know how I want to do it so the first step was to cut the back part off, I now need to find some pipe the same size as the inner and get a few inches welded onto the part I have cut off so it will then slip inside the main part. I will then get the back part of the box attached back on and I will then be able to repack the box, slide the back part on and pop rivet it to the carbon fibre middle part.

First, the box cut apart to remove the old packing.

I ordered the pipe I needed and when it arrived I cut it to about 3 inches long so it would fit into the main part of the box far enough to give it the strength but not affect the way the exhaust works.

Then it was off to the welders to get that part welded in and the end piece welded back on.

Now It fits snugly back into the box and all i need to do now is remove the old packing and fit the new, then pop rivet the end back on.

Now i can re-pack it any time i want 🙂