Ever since i had the Opel back on the road there as been a problem that if you took a left-hand bend quickly there was a real smell of fuel. Initially, i thought it was to do with the breather hose maybe letting fuel vapor out as you do get a bit of a slosh and you can then see some fule sitting in the pipe but after swapping it for some proper stuff from a go-carting supplier with some nice hose clips it was still there but i could never work out what was causing it as i could not any fuel leaking anywhere.

But the other day i filled up the car with a tenners worth and as i was walking back to the car after paying i could see a very small wet patch under the car so a quick look underneath and a wipe around the bottom of the fuel hose and i had discovered the issue! It was leaking on the tank side of the hose. I had never had this happen before so maybe i just had the filler pointed in a different position than normal.

I had used new reinforced filler hose when i put the car back on the road and some proper clamps and not just jubilee clips. But on further investigation when i got back it was the reinforcing wite that was causing the issue. Where the wire wrapped down the hose it caused it to be uneven when tightening it on the tank neck.

A quick Google and some help from the Ope club to make sure i had the right size (i did a measure when i had the old hose off as well) and i came across this. 55mm id x 200mm long Fuel Filler Hose PVC/NBR Non-reinforced with it being non-reinforced (which i don’t really need) i figured i would get a nice tight seal.

When the hose arrive it was a nice tight fit and the perfect length for the A series, so no cutting needed. I tightened the clamps up and after a quick blast around a few left-hand bends, no more fuel smells, problem solved 🙂