Opel Snag List

A few little projects planned for early 2024 for the Opel. I want to make sure I do these in a way that the car will be back on the road for the spring weather so I can enjoy her again this year, so I best get cracking in the new year!

1. Sort dipstick out as it’s loose. (think I might get an aluminium tube made up and welded into the boss as the push in one works lose)

2. Change brakes to new pedals and master cylinders. (Now I have the new Tilton pedals and cylinders I need to pull the old setup and re-work the brakes. This is the biggest job!)

3. Make the exhaust packable and sort the join by the flexible section as I have never been happy with it.

4. Get the lights adjusted

5. Refurb wiper motor

6. Last on the list. Look at the fuel pump setup and maybe locate below the boot floor. (I need to look at the setup but Holly in the US do a nice setup. Not cheap but looks well made.)

Adjust cam and check lifters

Just info for me so I don’t forget what mileage was on the car when it first went back on the road!
575289 – started running car in.