Opel Manta A Series custom made exhaust header

As the title suggest, this is not pretty but hopefully will get me to a point where i finally have a system and steering setup that works and that I’m happy with.

Its very rough as my welding is shit and I’m not very patient with making exhausts, not something i could do for a living!

But hopefully it will let me test out the fit and give it a bit of a shakedown and check that the clearance is all ok so i can then hopefully find a decent company to make me a pr

oper one that does look good and is welded properly!

I should also get a bit more space around the collector as the current one is quite chunky but i have found this really nice pressed 1 1/2″ into 2 1/2″ collector which will be much neater and a bit narrower. Its from ECS exhausts in Australia and Josh was super helpful! It was a great price and they were super speedy in getting it off to me so that should arrive towards the end of August which will give me time to test and adjust the system if needed and pop over to the pipe benders to see if they can make the header for me.