The two big issues i have always had are:

  1. Trying to get a decent manifold for the right had drive is almost impossible!
  2. When you do try to use anything bigger than the standard down pipes you get lots of problems getting it past the steering coloumn.

Over the years i have tried loads of different options for exhausts (a couple you will see in other posts) and i have looked at all sorts of steering option (again, quite a few versions in older posts) so after trying lots of options that are made for the left-hand drive cars and seeing if i can customise them i got the “shorty” header from Opel GT Source (I had two as they were pre-production one) i hacked these about to see what i could come up with the hope that if i got a working version i could get someone to copy it and make me a proper one. So as you can see from my last post my ugly manifold worked!! but the company who said they could then make a proper version for me turned out to be the usual muppets and first off said they cant bend 2.5″ and then wanted about £400 to end up the 4 header 1.5″ tubes, plus welding on top of that and i would still have to make the lower part.

So I’m doing what i should have done years ago, making my own!! I did a bit of youtube watching on making exhausts with pie cuts, very nifty! So i bought some 2.4″ and 1.5″ sections and a very nice collector from OZ.

And so it begins!! I have made the lower section from a mix of pie cuts and 90 bend and i will be off tomorrow to the welders to see if they will weld it up for me! and then all being ok, when i have that back i will fit that and then start to make the header down section to join the lower part.

The good thing with this setup is a will be able to simplify my complicated steering setup and hopefully be able to set it up with just the 1 UJ. More on that later.


Now all welded up and fitted. Just the main section to go now and we are on the road!!