One issue i have had that i have been putting off is what to do with the washer bottle. The area where the washer bottle originally fits has been taken up with the fuel lines, regulator and filter and i was finding it hard to locate a place where the washer bottle could go as its quite big.

The ideal location would have been up on the bulkhead behind the accelerator cable outlet as there is a nice bit of unused space there. But the standard bottle is too tall. So a bit of research was needed.

It turns out its quite hard to get sizes of washer bottles to work out what you could use as a replacement! but luckily i stumbled upon a post where someone was doing a conversion on an MX5!! It turns out a Suzuki cappuccino washer bottle fits those and as there was an image with a tape measure showing the width i could then work out the height and guess what! its the perfect size to fit up on the bulk head where i wanted to place it 🙂

They had included a part number and website address, so i was able to buy a brand new one from Japan and including shipping it was £31, you also have to factor in the £12 import duty on top of that. But its brand new and a perfect fit.

I need to make up a couple of spacers as the left side bracket sits about 30mm out, and although the right hand side sits level with the back, the bulk head of the A series isnt flat so i will need to space that out as well. I have worked out that a 10mm spacer on the right side and 35mm on the left side with get it sitting nice and flat.