So now the bad weather is out of the way and its getting warmer its time to get moving on the car again. I have a new plan of attack to try and get her finished this year! The crank is at the engine shop and needs a slight grind which i think was down to the problems starting her up and getting the oil pumping as a few of the bearing did have wear that looked like they had been short of oil. So hopefully in a couple of weeks, the crank will be back and i can get the engine back together.

Now while the engine is out im going to sort the steering, finish the brakes and tidy up things up and finish off the off spot of welding. Then im going to drop the front cross member and mount the engine and box on it and then lower the body onto it. I have a few little brackets to get made up for things like the brake reservoir.

They guys at Rhino Alloys powder coated the engine mounts which look great.

Then when i have here all back up together im looking to vinyl wrap for the moment as a proper paint job is a bit expensive.

Avery do a nice Cardinal Red (which is the factory color as far as im aware?) and it looks spot on.