1973 Opel Manta A Series flatting and polishing

Im not sure how well these will come out but i thought i would post some pics of my paint polishing test.

This is the process i will be using to polish the old Opel Project when it gets a bit warmer!

Give it a clean and use 2000 grit to remove any dirt nibs etc..

The go over it with the Trizact 3000 discs

then the Trizact 6000 dics

then its onto a bit of refining with the Cartec Final Cut 9000

Then a final finish with Cartec Ultra Finish 12000

and a hand wax finish.

Below are some pics of me testing it out on a wing that i below a few coats of paint over if i had any left. I never finished it properly so it was always a bit rough as i wanted to see what it would come out like on this and then hopefully the car would be even better!

I used the Trizact 3000, Final Cut 9000, Ultra Finish 12000 and polish on this and missed out the Trizact 6000 as i only have a few of those discs and they are expensive.

Im using an Auto Finesse MPX DA Polisher.