That was a question i kept asking myself. But as the car was way off being finished i never look into it too much. But as we are getting closer i thought it best to do some looking into it.

The fits and looks just right as it the twin spindle one which fits the original hole, but its always been rubbish, even when new!! Its only the radio that has been any good. So i looked into trying to get it adapted for an audio input, but no luck. I looked at new “Old style” but they just don’t look right. So after a bit more searching i came across this.

Its a blue tooth receiver that hooks up to an amp and then you can just use your phone or a table to stream music to it. As i already had a good amp it was perfect. It also has a remote switch to turn the amp on and off. You push it down to turn it on and off and twist to adjust the volume and skip tracks. So the perfect thing for some tunes. The old stereo will be setup to just light up when the ignition is on and the blue tooth controller will take care of the sounds.

Its also the same size as the cigarette lighter hole so it fits perfect and you can hardly notice it. Job done 🙂