Thought i would post this in case anyone else is looking for a way to fit Fitting Mesh Filters to Alpha Throttle Bodies that have the Poly Trumpets when there is not enough to fit a full filter box.

I have the Alpha throttle bodies with the poly trumpets









and don’t have the space to fit a full box air filter and i have been scratching my head as to how to fit some mesh filters and came up with this cunning plan 🙂

I bought some Webcon Mesh Filters to suit 63mm stacks from Top Speed as i worked out that i could fit them over the poly trumpet end with a bit of squeezing and the fatter out of the trumpet end would sit nicely inside the filter. Which it did perfectly, but then i needed something to stop it rattling about, so i worked out that if i bought some Silicone Hose with a 54mm inner diameter this would fit tightly over the trumpet behind the fat outer lip. And all i needed to do was cut it to the right width, slide it on, then fit the filter and slide the hose up tight to the filter and the ridge in the middle of the trumpet would stop it slipping back so it would hold the filter nice and tightly up against the outer rim of the trumpet.







And as you can see it works perfectly!!