Ok so the progress has been slow as its a bugger trying to line up the exhaust and get all the hangers and flanges tacked on when you only have the car up on axle stands 🙂

The back box, the pipe over the axle and the middle box have all be left with Harvey to work his magic with the welder as unlike me he knows exactly what he is doing (he did the radiator and has a nice 2.5 Vectra!!) so they should all be back this week and all i need to do now is mount the rear hanger which im going to try some rubber mounts as there is not much space to get a hanger in and i have made a nifty little rear box strap to take the box and mount to the rubber vibration mounts. I will post some pictures up as soon as the bits are back.

Then its get it all bolted up and i can then sort the front pipe from manifold to middle box and we could then be looking at a final check over and setup on the engine and maybe a start up by the end of August as i have to mount the timing pick up and coil which im sure will take a few weeks to sort out 🙂