Opel Manta A Series custom exhaust manifold

Today i picked up the final piece of the Opel Jigsaw and its looking bloody good 🙂

Harvey the welder has done an amazing job welding up my mockup and it fits perfectly!!

Now just a bit of cleaning up around the inlets and i think i might sand a few of the welds and give it a good polish and i can then get it fitted to the car. It looks like with a little bit of adjusting to the lower part that it will all match up perfectly. I should have done this a long time ago!




Luckily, Boris has given me the whole of November off to get it all fitted up and ready for Christmas 🙂



And after a quick polish, all ready for fitting!!


Now fully fitted manifold. All ready to connect up the main system and we are ready for a start-up to see what its like!

Opel manta CIH