This blog is all about the long saga of the Opel manta that i own, and the mission to get it back on the road and maybe back to Germany again one day! For anyone who doesn’t know the car it has been on and off of the road loads of times in its life and has made 2 trips to Germany when it was running. Then in 2005 i decided that this would be the final rebuild!! so it was taken off of the road , had the underside bead blasted and painted and i have been collecting parts ever since waiting for the big rebuild. I finlay decided after meaning to get it all back together for ages, that this had to be the year to finlay finish it all. So the blog is the progress of all the bits that i have to find modify and generally work out how to fit things to the car, because as you will see this is not your buy new stock bits from a catolog  and put them back on the car once it has been painted sort of restoration! everything is far from stock and if it did come from a catolog it wasnt meant for an Opel Manta!

So i hope you enjoy the info and maybe something i have done might just help someone else out as well!


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