The new steering double UJ and joiner has been sent on its way from Summit Racing today 🙂 and although it cost $38 dollars to send i expect it will still take about 2 weeks!

So while im waiting its off to the grinding company to get the steering shaft ground down to take the new DD steering joint. It will then work something like this (pictures to follow when i get to putting it together!)

From the steering column i will have a joiner to extend the shaft, then a nice big vibration single UJ, through a steering shast support bearing that will be welded to the engine mount (that needs a bit cutting out to allow clearance for the shaft, so this will add the strength again) then into the double UJ and then straight onto the steering shaft that comes out of the steering rack. this setup should allow all the clearance i need for the manifold and stop the need for the rack to be moved or swapped for a different one! I hope!! (It might need to forward 1cm at the worst, but i hope to keep it where it is if i can)

More updates when i have been to the grinders and have the parts from Summit.