I thought i would post this in case it helps anyone else out that is having problems starting an old car running injection (or maybe even carbs?)

I have been having a nightmare starting the opel up and have tried loads of different things and thought it could be a lot of causes. The symptoms were that when you turned it over it was  like it would try to catch and run, but just wouldn’t and no matter how many time you tried it there was no way it would start? Squirt a little fuel down each throttle body and she would fire up first time, so i thought it was maybe not getting enough fuel.

But it was only while speaking to one of the guys at Webcon that he asked how old the fuel was, so i said not that old, maybe 8-10 months, not that old. Which he replied anything more than 3 months can still cause starting problems. This article was one that a club member posted.


and its interesting reading. So after a few tests it does seem that a quick squirt of fuel will solve the problem and then when it run for say 60 seconds the engine is hot enough to fire it up even on old fuel, its just that initial cold start. So im going to drain the fuel tank, full up with new fuel and do the final test to see if it is 100% down to the old fuel. I will update this post when i have tried it.