So, we learn things as we go along and i have been learning quite a few things lately!

So my first was to read a lot about things you are not sure on, like priming the oil pump gears! The second is to read up and maybe post a tech question on the opel forum. As the cunning plan for the mini rack has come foul of me not reading enough before deciding on that route, buying a new mini rack and ordering a conversion UJ from the US for it to find that as the steering arm pivot position does not line up with the Manta suspension pivot points i will incur lots of bump steer!! (thanks to Mantaman pointing this out on my tech post) and the only way to reduce this is to move the pivot point, but as the steering rack is wider this is not an option. SO i should have posted before i bought the stuff.

So now i have a new steering rack to dell and an adapter UJ from mini spline top DD!!

So this brings me back to the original thought of can i manipulate the steering rack route using UJ’s and some support bearings. I think its possible, but this time i need to do a full mockup before i buy any more bits! If i actually measure the angles and check the setup i will find out if its possible. SO i could have saved over £100 and about 2 months, ho hum.

Im learning!!