I thought i would setup a page with a list of outstanding jobs that need completing before i can get the A series back on the road.

Then i can hopefully see the list going down and the big day getting closer!


Replace right front brake pipe and add clutch pipe.The clutch will need a small flexible pipe out of the slave cylinder and a bracket will be needed to support the join between the flexible and solid pipes
Fit radiator lower bracketAs the radiator is a custom one i will need to have a bracket made.
Replace broken rear light
Weld and fill rear lower panel section under fuel fillerWelded and filled, just needs finishing. A little bit of welding to do around the wheel arch and a small bit on the opposite arch
Clean interior
Fit brake and clutch pedalsStrengthening plates fitted to bulk head so now i just need to get the right bolts to connect the brake pedal and make a bracket for the clutch pedal.
Measure up and create templates for all brackets and platesThe brackets have all been laser cut and the bulk head ones fitted and the coil, horn, coil and gearbox bracket have been sent of for powercoating
Fit clutch slave cylinder.
Fit and connect brake reservoirbracket needed and need to buy pipe
Build up head and fit to engineWaiting for head to come back from engine builders
Fit cooling fans and replace small venting fanCooling fans fitted and ready for a test. I will sort the small vent fan later
Finnish sanding engine bay and paintEngine bay now primed, i just need to flat it ready for top coat.
Fix radio so it just lights up when ignition turns on and set Bluetooth receiver and amp to be live all the time.Bluetooth receiver set to live now. I just need to wire the radio up.
Finish steering.Need to do final adjustment of steering brackets and then when the engine is all in do final connect up and fit holding brackets
Connect engine and box and fit into carNeed to finish clutch fit and complete engine build.
Connect manifold, exhaust and all other engine anceleries and start engine up!Very last job on the list 🙂