Alpha Webcon system fitted to Opel A Series Manta

Ok, so i was a little bit of course with the thought that the injectors were not firing!! After borrowing a friends tester for the injectors and the fuel pressure it turns out the injectors are firing and the fuel pressure is fine at 2.5 bar also a nice bit of a spark from the plugs!

So another email to webcon and they think the Throttle Position sensor reading is to low and i need to increase this? The old A series did always suffer a bit from getting the fuel/air ratio right on the carbs and always seemed to be a bit over fuelled to get her running properly.

So now i just need to work out how to change and set the TPS so im getting more fuel and then she might start, so another email to webcon to find out how i do it on the Alpha cal software.

More news in a few days i hope!!