While i wait for the weather to get better (or just stop raining!) so i can get on and cut out whats left of the rush and start making up the new plates, i thought it best to get on with a few other bits that i can do inside.

So its the petrol tanks first.Opel Manta fuel tank

I need to cut a 100mm hole in the top to insert the new pump as this will be used as the main pump for the injection. As it has a built in swirl pot and high pressure pump so no remote tanks etc.. but the draw back is it is about 9 inches high and as In tank fulel pump with built in swirl potthe tank is only  about 5 1/2 inches it will stick up into the boot! but better than a second pump and seperate swirl pot.

I have a 100 mm hole cutter so will start with the tank and then need to have a tube added to the take to the pump so i can secure it into the tank. Then its a hole in the boot floor to let the pump stick up into the boot. but on the plus side i can then run the fuel lines through the car and out into the engine bay. so now messing with pipes and clips under the car.

once i have the hole cust and the tube weleded i will post a pick of it all looking how i want it.