Here is a quick list of the modifications I’m doing to the car:
BMW angle eyes in place of the original lights.
Aluminium radiator.
Full webber alpha engine management system with 45 throttle bodies.
Servo less brake system with willwood adjustable bias front-back pedal.
Willwood 4 pot front callipers and cosworth read callipers with disc conversion.
Hydraulic clutch using willwood pedal and hydraulic puller.
In tank electric fuel pump with built in swirl pot.
Fully updated suspension front and back with coni adjustable shocks and all poly bushing.
OZ racing wheels 205/55/15 with yokahama tyres.
Limited slip diff.
And a few other little bits like cobra seats with 3 point harnesses and I have a 4 vent dash with the two centre vets removed and an oil pressure and Volt gauges fitted in there place.
So lots to do and still lots to work out how it will all fit and work.
The car is ready for a few bits of welding to be done and all the running gear has been re-bushed and had new bearings and a nice coat of black paint all ready to go back on when the welding has been done.